Emma Crouse

New Mom (On Leave)

Emma grew up in the farms and fields of southern Ontario. She found that she loved being around animals, and enrolled at Robertson College in Winnipeg to study to become a veterinary office assistant. She took her diploma back to Ontario, working as a receptionist at a large animal clinic. After a time, Emma decided she wanted more responsibility, so she took a job as a medical receptionist. Eventually she needed a new challenge, and found her way to Think Shift.

Emma was married in the summer of 2014, and she and her husband welcomed their daughter Brynlee to the world shortly after. She and her husband, Dave, recently bought a 10 acre farm outside of the city; the happy couple is looking forward to spending time with their family.

Q. What talent do you wish you had?
A. Nicer printing! I’m often jealous of other people’s printing, so I try out different styles all the time. How silly is that?