Jillana Groening

Changency Assistant

About Jillana

Jillana graduated from Providence University College in April 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. The four-year degree exposed her to all areas of business, including finance, operations and marketing, although she was most interested in marketing. Jillana has only recently joined the Think Shift team, but she can already see the value that the company has and all of the things she can learn while working here. Growing up on a small family grain farm and working for a local agribusiness has given Jillana agriculture knowledge that she believes will be a major asset to the projects she works on. She also feels she can bring a unique perspective to the work that is being done. Jillana is deeply passionate about her relationships, including with her fiancé, family and close friends. She enjoys being active and playing all kinds of sports, particularly volleyball, as well as adventuring and hiking. Jillana is very excited to have joined the Think Shift team and is looking forward to what her new position will bring.


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