Kristie Castanera


About Kristie

Kristie is a not-so-recent Portland transplant, originally hailing from Kailua on the beautiful island of O’ahu. She spent four years sharpening her writing skills at Linfield College, where she graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Creative Writing. Since graduation in 2014, sheʻs tried on a few different hats in journalism and social media marketing before finding her niche in copywriting. A skilled researcher, Kristie enjoys the challenge of taking a deep dive into an unfamiliar topic and resurfacing with an engaging story. Kristie has written for the majority of Think Shiftʻs clients, including Think Shift itself, and has been the lead writer in projects for a number of clients, including ADAMA Canada, APTN, Cibus/Falco and SCIC. As such, her portfolio features work in a variety of subject matters and forms, and she is comfortable writing on a wide range of topics.

In her spare time, Kristie derives equal enjoyment from exploring the great outdoors and being a lazy couch potato. She loves crafting and dabbles in crochet, watercolor and hand lettering — all typically done while binge-watching her favorite TV shows. But you may also find her taking long and not-too-strenuous nature walks, swimming in clear bodies of water, chasing waterfalls, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer.


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