Kristie Castanera


Kristie is a not-so-recent Oregon transplant, hailing originally from the beautiful island of Oahu – and no, she doesn’t mind the rain. She has known since the third grade that writing was her future and dreams of someday getting her creative work published (and, hopefully, placed on the best-seller shelves of every bookstore in the world).

After graduating from Linfield College in the tiny town of McMinnville, Oregon in 2014, she took her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and settled down in rainy Portland. With a background in creative writing, journalism and social media, Kristie is thrilled to put her talents and passion to use here at Think Shift.

Q: You’re from Hawai’i…do you surf?
A: No. I also don’t eat fish. (I’m an embarrassment to my culture, yes, I know).

Q: Which TV character do you most resemble?
A: Physically, I’ve been told that I look very much like Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate on Parks & Recreation), especially without my glasses. But personality-wise, I like to think that I have the sass, awkwardness and dry humor of April Ludgate, a sprinkle of Leslie Knope’s drive, and the common sense of Ann Perkins.

By the way, I’m a big Parks & Rec fan – you couldn’t tell that, though, could you?