Kristofer Salfert

Art Director

About Kristofer

Kristofer holds a Diploma in Advanced Graphic Design that he received at Red River College, as his formal design education, following the completion of a Bachelor of Anthropology Degree at the University of Manitoba. As a lifelong passionate and curious creative, design was always the ultimate career choice. Following academic studies, Kristofer has been working in an agency environment for nearly 7 years, with strong involvement in generating creative solutions for many agriculture clients such as DEKALB, Bayer, G3 and NexusBioAg.

While his knowledge of agriculture is experienced, his love of design is most exemplary when developing brands and identities for clients and being able to solve complex problems with the most simple and effective solutions. His love for brand bridges into his personal arena, where Kristofer started his own clothing brand, years before formal education. This endeavour still keeps him busy and curious in his pursuit of passion and creating something out of nothing.

Outside of formal work and design, Kristofer loves painting when he can, playing the drums, working out, playing sports, hiking and walking, relaxing with friends and family, and travelling, namely visiting his happy place Hawai’i, as much as possible. Living with the motto ‘Sail Easy’, Kristofer tries to remind himself and others, to take it easy, and be the boat and float. Remember to find your passion and enjoy the ride along the way!


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