Lace Hurst

Associate Consultant

Lace grew up in southern Ontario, but often made the trek to Manitoba to visit family who own and operate a cattle ranch. The eldest of four sisters, she describes herself as a bit “mothering,” but her knack for people and her servant’s heart have served her well in her career. At 18, she moved to Winnipeg and started working at the Fort Garry Hotel. In 2011, she made the move to the Manitoba Beef Producers and helped lobby the government for various programs. Her experience with the Beef Producers, along with her personal connection to farm life, gives her a unique understanding and appreciation of the producer’s perspective when it comes to agricultural issues.

More than a year ago, Lace decided to get intentional about being happier and reducing anxiety. The result has been a conscious daily effort to change her thought process, surround herself with happiness, and infect others with her positive outlook.

Q. What talent do you wish you had?
A. Coordination. I have been known to trip over nothing but my own two feet on far too many occasions.