Laura Kloepfer

Graphic Designer

Laura is best described as a city girl with a country heart. As a child, she spent most of her time on her family’s farm in rural Ontario, where she learned what manual labour was really all about. After a traumatizing experience with a newborn calf, she decided that from then on, it would be the city life for her. Over the years that followed, Laura lived around the world experiencing all sorts of cultures and gaining tons of creative knowledge. Her background in writing and photography lead to a late-blooming career in design, where she flourished in the editorial and retail industries. Feeling a call to try something new, she landed at ThinkShift, where her childhood experiences seem to have come full circle.

Q. Tell us about your pets?
A. I don’t have any pets, surprisingly. I like the freedom of not having to worry about them. That being said, if it was ever possible to have a pet dinosaur, I’d be all in.

Q. What’s your favourite TV program? And your least favourite?
A. I shamelessly love Survivor. Hands down. That, and the original Beverly Hills 90210. I know everything about every season of both of those shows. Go ahead, quiz me.