Maria Leiro

Web Developer

Coming from the rainy but breathtaking Spanish region of Galicia, Mari Leiro is a quick thinker with an outstanding ability to see the forest for the trees. Her bachelor´s degree in computer science paved the way to a fascinating career in the IT industry. She soon specialized in the .NET framework, working in meaningful projects for the provincial government. Her understanding of the whole cycle of a project comes from her solid performance in diverse roles within the team.

In Canada, her new home, she has been specializing in ASP.NET, giving her the chance to feed not only her creativity, but also her continuous desire to hone her skills.

Q. What got you into this business in the first place?
A. I love being surrounded by gifted people and taking part in an industry that is changing the world. What I very much like about programming is having the chance to give birth to something new, build something from scratch, something that meets someone’s needs.