Matthew Dyck


A pop culture junkie and self-professed Trekker, Matthew spent his younger years dabbling in a number of creative pursuits — including filmmaking, improvisation, music and art — before finally discovering his underlying motivation: storytelling.

Advertising seemed like a natural fit for his overactive imagination and creative expertise. So, while finishing his degree in Rhetoric and Communications from the University of Winnipeg and Creative Communications diploma from Red River College, Matt interned with Think Shift. And, he got a crash course in corporate culture and intentional leadership along the way.

Now, Matt helps Think Shift’s clients tell more compelling stories in a variety of mediums while delighting in the work. In his free time, Matt enjoys illustrating; spending quality time with his cat, Agent Dana Scully; and promoting his debut comic book, Winterpeg.

Q.What got you into this business in the first place?

A.As a writer and storyteller, I feel like I have all of the creative toys laid out at my feet. And, as new technologies become available, the toys keep coming! I’m also amazed by the power of storytelling. I think it’s incredible how stories are consumed and consuming, how they change our understanding of the world and ourselves.

Q.Who is your favourite Star Trek captain?

A.Captain Janeway! She’s strong, authoritative and witty. Plus, I love how she needs a good cup of coffee in order to explore the universe.