Myles Gerbrandt

Development Lead, Product Creation

About Myles

From an early age, Myles had a passion for creating things on the computer. At age 12, Myles was working on a Mac Classic, which started his love for creating interactive experiences. As a developer with Think Shift, Myles has worked over the years on many projects for notable clients such as Cabela’s, Canterra, Cargill, ADAMA, Jaguar, and Farm Marketer. A great experience was working with the team to build the interactive video system for the “Jaguar: The Art of Performance” tour that allowed attendees to be featured in their own high-production commercial, putting them in the action as part of a high-speed car chase. The attendees could post the video to their Facebook timeline or watch on their own custom website. Over 5,300 people attended events and created videos on this seven-city tour. Most recently, Myles has found a passion for building project specifications and creating user stories to ensure project success. Myles has a cat named Mouse, named as such because at three weeks old, he literally was the size of a mouse.


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