Myles Gerbrandt

Development Lead, Product Creation

From an early age Myles has had passion for creating things on the computer, starting at age 12 on a Mac Classic with Hypercard which gave start to his love for creating interactive experiences.

Fast forward many (many) years: he still finds passion in developing with the latest standards both in programming in interactivity and lives for the thrill of creation. First jobs included interactive CD development as well as touch screen interactive kiosks, with more recent work in creating online stores, database programming as well as app development for Apple and Android devices. He has a diploma in Graphics Design from Applied Multimedia Training Centre. Notable other jobs have included working for IBM Global Services User Interface Specialist team in various areas across the United States with the majority spent in the New York area creating web applications.

Q. Tell us about your pets?
A. I have a cat named Mouse. I got him when he was three weeks old, and he was literally the size of a mouse.