Nikki Gaudette

Digital Copywriter

About Nikki

Nikki is a spritely writer with close to 9 years of experience in the world of copy. She has written for brands such as Kraft, Philidelphia Cream Cheese, Youth Teaching Adults, and Classico. On the other side of the word spectrum, Nikki’s work as a pop culture and reality TV writer has been featured by US Weekly, and MTV.

Additionally, Nikki is the author (under her pen name) of the 2020 Amazon bestseller “The Anxiety Diaries Book One: Past”, a book of short-form poetry focused on grief and mental health. Her personal passions include art, such as aiding in the build and culture development of mutant vehicles (better known as ‘art cars’) at Burning Man. She enjoys spending her spare time traveling and hanging out with her cat, Slash. She splits her time up between Toronto, Ontario and Nelson, BC.


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