Noah Hurley


About Noah

Noah graduated from Red River College in 2015 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Graphic Design. Determined to expand his creative skillset, Noah continued his studies and earned a Digital Media Design Diploma with Honours in 2017. Since graduation, Noah has developed creative solutions for clients such as Bayer, DEKALB and NexusBioAg.

Noah was born in Winnipeg and has lived there his entire life because well, “somebody has to.” Noah specializes in Motion Graphic Design and loves all things animated so much that growing up he refused to watch any live-action movies, until seeing Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In addition to motion graphics, Noah is passionate about branding, pointillism, and immersive 360 videos. Noah works best while listening to the original Sims soundtrack while sipping an excessively sugared coffee. When he’s not animating something, you can find him playing computer games, biking, and doodling in the margins of his project briefs.


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