Payal Patel

Web Developer

Payal is an undeniably adventurous person. She and her family recently moved from India to Canada, where she quickly found employment in the web world. She is an Information and Technology graduate with five years’ experience in analysis, design and web development, and bears exceptional knowledge in current development methods and coding practices.

Payal’s favourite thing about being a developer is solving problems. Each task presents a new challenge, and through her skill she circumvents or solves the issue with streams of code that create form and function. As well, with the continual advance of the industry, there is always more to learn, which she enjoys.

Q. What do you do for a good time when you’re not working?
A. I am a person who enjoys community. I very much like spending time with my family and friends, and doing things for them. I love to travel with my husband and family. It both helps me relax and re-energizes me for what’s to come.