Rick Sellar

Design Director

Rick graduated from the Advanced Graphic Design program at Red River College in 2003. Twelve years of graphic design and digital media industry experience in design have earned him a unique skill set ideal for today’s rapid growth in user-focused digital media. With an education rooted in the fundamentals of graphic design and a passion for creating visually striking, user-friendly interactive experiences, Rick’s creativity and versatility brings some added fire-power to the Think Shift team. As his clients and co-workers can attest, Rick is a reliable and collaborative team player.

Rick and his wife have two young children who keep them busy. He has a passion for BBQ and beer (as a pairing or on their own), and spends his summer months at the family cabin, boating, fishing and playing horseshoes. Other hobbies include beer-league hockey and slow pitch, golf, curling and guitar. Rick also claims to enjoy the constant cycle of home improvement and maintenance.

Q. What driving career goals do you still have?
A. I’m always looking to better myself from project to project. Whether it be in design, collaboration or leadership, there’s always room for improvement. Along the way, I hope to help others improve themselves as well.