Sergey Ni

Graphic Designer

Sergey Ni joins Think Shift with over 9 years of experience, after leaving his home country of Kyrgyzstan. His passion for graphic design began when he was 18-years-old and led him to his first role at a design studio. From there, he entered ATL management in the marketing and advertising department of one of Kyrgyzstan’s largest mobile phone companies.

After becoming a project manager and leading the marketing team of a car dealership, Sergey realized he had the tools to start his own graphic design business, and he went on to work with a wide variety of clients. In those three years, he gained a breadth of experience, developing projects from beginning to end and discovering his love for designing logos. His hard work and creative talents have brought him to Think Shift, where he looks forward to growing in his position.

Outside of graphic design, Sergey is a former member of Kyrgyzstan’s national tennis team, and it remains one of his favorite hobbies today. In his spare time, Sergey also enjoys playing soccer, developing his lettering skills and watching National Geographic.