Tatum Gardiner

Account Director

About Tatum

Tatum’s more than 15 years in the ag industry have involved working in merchandising, product management and marketing. She has a bachelor of science degree in Agronomy, as well as an MBA in Marketing. In her previous positions, Tatum worked with clients such as Agricore United, Cargill, Enns Brothers and Monsanto. During her time with Think Shift, Tatum has brought her skills in agriculture, marketing strategy, relationship management, and strategic planning to projects for clients like Elanco, ADAMA Canada, Dairy West and Cargill. When she’s not working, Tatum enjoys travelling (highlights include visiting six of the seven continents, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef). She also has a passion for food (cooking and trying new restaurants) and wine, watching the Jets, and playing golf, hockey and baseball.


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