Taylor Michalenko

Web Developer

Taylor’s long held interest in computers stems from his boyhood curiosity — at a young age, Taylor was often glued to the computer screen, figuring out how things work. In high school, Taylor got his first taste of programming and was instantly hooked. He knew then that programming would be his career.

After graduating from Red River College’s Information Systems Programmer/Analyst program with an impressive 4.28 GPA, Taylor went on to amass ten years of programming experience while working in a variety of industries — including finance, agriculture, insurance and gaming — using .Net technologies for web and desktop applications.

Today, Taylor continues his passion for learning the latest technologies, including iPhone and Android development. Outside of work, Taylor loves to travel, play golf (which he used to play competitively as a junior) and practice Jiu Jitsu.

Q.What got you into this business in the first place?

A.I enjoy constantly learning and growing to keep up with the fast evolution and change of technologies. Now, I get to take my love for learning and apply these tools to help businesses solve the challenges they face.

Q.Is there any food that helps you think more creatively?
A.I can’t resist a good bowl of borscht! Not sure it helps me think more creatively, but it probably doesn’t hurt.