Vanessa Mancini

Digital Marketing Specialist

You may think you recognize Vanessa from somewhere. It’s because she’s a dopplegänger of Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live / 30 Rock / all around badass woman fame. Trademark glasses not pictured, but they will often make special guest appearances in meetings.

Her dog is named after Desmond Hume from the television show Lost, and she’ll show you a picture of him somehow (the dog, not the actor).

Down to business – Vanessa worked in radio promotions for six years after completing her Creative Communications diploma from Red River College in 2010, where she majored in Media Production. During her time in the radio industry, she discovered her passion of creative conceptualizing for campaigns by working closely with clients of the radio stations, executing major station promotions, and working on two station rebrands.

On weekends, Vanessa can be found relaxing with the aforementioned Desmond and her partner Dylann, spending time with her large-and-in-charge extended family, expanding her vinyl collection, and trying to complete the Sunday New York Times crossword.