Our Philosophy

We believe culture drives brand.

Brand is the outsider's view of your company – a collection of thoughts and feelings that your customers develop through the interactions they have with your people, products, services or digital platforms.

Culture is the insider's view of your company – the way employees think, act and feel inside the company. In a world of increasing transparency, the brand you present externally must align with the cultural reality you live internally.

Today’s transparent world has exposed what every intentional leader intuitively knows – that brand and culture are two sides of the same coin.
David Baker, Founder, Director at Think Shift
How CEOs Drive Change

True change starts deep inside the organization with your CEO and senior leadership team. Leaders craft the stories that motivate employees and solidify the culture. That culture is then reflected externally as the brand, through the actions and behaviors of your employees. Our model aligns the organization from core leadership and culture through to brand and external communications.


Everything begins with the CEO's leadership style and ability to align a group of senior leaders around a narrative and strategic direction.


The organizational narrative is a story, driven by leadership, that captures the heart of a company and unites its people around a clear purpose, vision, mission and set of shared values.


Culture is how people think, act and feel inside your company. It is not a core value poster on the wall in your staff lunch room. It’s something that must be developed intentionally, by defining behaviors and practices that nurture the culture you wish to instill. It is a journey with no destination; a constantly evolving and crucial element of any organization's success.


Brand is not what you say it is - it's what they say it is.” – Marty Neumeier

Companies can no longer say one thing externally, while a different reality exists inside of its walls. An authentic brand is imperative in today's digitally connected and increasingly transparent world.


Intentional leadership, a shared narrative, a living, breathing culture and an authentic brand is the heart of your organization. Those things don't change every year. They create the foundation for year over year strategic planning that connects with the heart of the organization.


With your company resting on a foundation of intentional and aligned thinking, you are positioned for a more effective and meaningful annual strategic planning process.


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