Leadership & Culture

If you’re pushing for real change, dig into what’s inside your organization. Your leadership team and employees will be the ones to carry the torch.

Build an intentional corporate culture and engaged workplace to transform your organization from a change laggard into an industry leader. Through workshops and private engagements, our consulting team delivers the advice and tools you need to make it happen.

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

    Effective leaders influence others to think, act and behave differently and, in doing so, encourage them to realize their full potential. Define your own unique style of intentional leadership.

  • Aligning Brand and Culture

    Brand (what outsiders think of your organization) and culture (what insiders think of you) are two sides of the same coin – interconnected and inseparable. Define your corporate culture to create a meaningful brand.

  • Intentional Corporate Culture

    Every organization has a culture, whether you manage it or not. You can intentionally define and build your culture to create an engaging workplace, attract employees who sustain it and connect everyone to your mission.

  • Internal Communications Planning

    When your employees feel connected to the ideas and values of your leadership, amazing things happen. Let’s create the plan to build that connection.

  • Performance Management

    Define what “performance” really means to you, and create a framework to transparently evaluate your employees often. You’ll develop the leaders you want and not the ones you get stuck with.