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Setting goals, objectives, audiences, tactics, timelines and budgets are key aspects of developing a marketing communication strategy. Our process builds additional value by introducing unique philosophies that challenge your thinking and push you to consider progressive approaches that represent the latest and greatest in both traditional and digital marketing.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients navigate the transition from traditional to digital marketing. Together, we will find the appropriate balance between the two with the understanding that, in many cases, digital marketing can provide a more targeted, measurable and effective use of marketing dollars.

Income Statement vs. Balance Sheet

Most marketing plans focus on the income statement, creating and executing campaigns that rack up a number of expenses within a given time period (e.g. creative agency fees, purchased media, etc.). These efforts create limited value within a specified time period.

Instead, we push our clients to think of marketing as an investment that lives on their balance sheet, helping them define assets they can invest in today that will create value for years to come. This can look like digital tools that make customers’ lives easier, developing blog posts that answer your customers’ most burning questions, and more. These balance sheet assets can provide real value for little-to-no additional investment in subsequent years, while each year you unlock a new marketing budget that enables you to continue adding more assets to the mix.

This line of thinking has helped our clients make more strategic use of their marketing budget and achieve a greater return on investment for their marketing efforts.

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