Stop wasting money on marketing campaigns with an expiration date. Instead, create something that will keep building value over time.

Shift your focus from finite promotions to ongoing platforms, from short-term campaigns to long-term assets. Here’s an easy place to start: find an audience pain point, create a tool to solve it, then connect it to your products. You’ll create loyal customers and get more bang for your marketing bucks. Let’s get started.


  • Creative Campaign Development

    At Think Shift, we place creation above creative, searching for the best solution – not the most easily available solution. Our creative team members are brilliant at conceptualizing award-winning ideas […]

  • Inbound Marketing

    Put creation above creative and search for the best solution possible – not the most readily available solution. Your hard work will pay off with a campaign that evokes emotion and moves the audience to take action.

  • Website and Application Development

    Websites and apps are smart sales tools and powerful brand builders. Use them to support your sales team by creating meaningful connections with your audience.

  • Digital & Social Marketing

    Think digital is separate from your other marketing efforts? Not anymore. Develop a strategy and content plan to carve out your piece of this all-consuming, ever-growing, always-changing landscape.

  • Video Production

    Video is the most popular type of content you can deliver to online audiences – and it’s only getting hotter. Bring your brand story to life with meaningful video content.