Sales Enablement

Build a customer-focused system that accelerates leads through your sales pipeline

60% of customers determine their purchase decisions before even speaking with a sales representative, with the majority of their pre-purchase research being conducted online. Simply put, the way customers are conducting research and purchasing your products or services has changed, but most sales teams have yet to adapt.

The Situation

As the shift to digital continues to eliminate much of the traditional, in-field, direct sales approach that ag organizations have come to rely on, a spotlight has highlighted agriculture’s true digital deficit. In fact, research completed earlier this year revealed that over three-quarters of U.S. ag retailers still use legacy tools such as manual spreadsheets to manage relationships with only 16 percent employing CRM systems.

As such, North American ag companies must continue to rapidly build and evolve their ability to reach, engage, nurture and convert business through non-traditional, digitally-centric means.

Fortunately, as Sales Enablement best practices have been established, tested and optimized in other industries, agriculture has the benefit of adopting what has already proven to be a more effective and efficient means of generating business.

Sales Enablement improves how your teams move leads through the pipeline.

Common Challenges:

Minimal collaboration

Companies that have sales & marketing in silos with minimal collaboration

Bogged down

Sales teams that are bogged down with admin work and experience bottlenecks in producing clean and consistent data

Poorly defined sales

Teams that have a poorly-defined sales process with no real pipeline between sales & marketing

Fragmented sales

Fragmented sales resources scattered across various platforms and stored in different locations. No clean central area for all sales assets

Low quality leads

Low quality of leads that increase sales challenges, hurts team confidence, and widens the gap between sales & marketing

Sales & Marketing dashboards

A lack of meaningful sales & marketing dashboards showing key business metrics

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Sales Enablement is all about building a unified sales & marketing team and providing salespeople in your organization exactly what they need to do their jobs more effectively. This includes high-quality leads, strong sales collateral, clearly defined and repeatable sales & marketing processes, and easy-to-use sales technologies.

When embracing Sales Enablement an organization can typically expect:

Sales alignment

Deeper sales & marketing alignment with increased accountability

Improved team efficiency

Improved sales team efficiency, response and close rates

Better retention

Better prospecting, targeting and customer retention

Heightened visibility

Heightened visibility on sales performance metrics and forecasting

Database revenue

New sales revenues from existing databases

Single source

A single source of truth for all sales & marketing data

Sales & marketing content on any device

Accessibility of sales & marketing content for your reps on any device, no matter their location

Where do you start?

Working to embrace Sales Enablement can be a daunting task. However, our full suite of services has been developed alongside a Sales Enablement Roadmap that can be easily adopted within your own organization to simplify the process.

Where do you start

Pipeline Development - We review the current processes, hand-offs, systems, content and resources that are being used in your sales & marketing pipeline, and work to define an ideal state. This type of engagement also includes building a service-level agreement between the sales & marketing teams that defines key responsibilities (i.e. marketing will deliver X number of leads per month, sales will follow-up with said leads within 24hrs of receipt).

Buyer Personas - Personas provide a more holistic view of your customers and helps your sales & marketing team understand how to best connect with various customers and stakeholders based on their preferences and behaviors (i.e. while two 50-something, 10,000+ acres wheat farmers may look the same on paper, their purchase motivations, research behaviors and path to purchase will differ significantly).

Sales & Marketing Software - Marketing automation, sales automation and CRM systems significantly help your team and your customers. This software allows you to consistently engage your contacts and customers, transparently report on sales activities and outcomes, and build a single source of truth for your organization. Whether your reps are at the office, at home, or out on the road – they will have a clear view of their prospects.

Lead Sourcing & Generation - Depending on the current state of your contact database, it may be beneficial to identify new sources of leads. This can be done via both online and offline list acquisition or online lead-generation campaigns. These may be needed by the marketing team to feed the top of your sales funnel.

Sales Collateral Development - Your sales team needs bottom-of-the-funnel materials to help position and sell your products and services. This can include sell sheets, tech sheets, case studies, email templates or channel marketing support. We can help to ensure these items are effective, persuasive, and aligned with your brand.

Lead Nurture Campaigns - Using automated tools to manage sales outreach via email we can engage a list of new, lapsed or unengaged contacts and work to identify which contacts are ready for a sales conversation.

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