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The Situation

As traditional crop tours faced disruption last year it created a huge challenge for ag companies needing to deliver information on their products’ performance to current customers and prospects.

While conventional crop tours have often come with large expenses, unavoidable logistical challenges, and poor attendance – the shift to virtual tours last year provided an opportunity for ag companies to rethink and rebuild an optimal customer experience.

This digital approach has likely transformed the way crop tours will be conducted going forward, providing ag companies with a new long-term asset they can use to gather data about and engage with their audiences.

That said, while many ag companies invested in virtual crop tours in 2020, many did not realize the full benefits or return on investment they desired.

Virtual crop tours can provide live data insights to growers that traditional crop tours can’t. Lead Capture

Common Challenges for Virtual Crop Tours:

Poor performance and returns from your current virtual crop tour solution (I.e. lack of traffic, limited user engagement, significant bounce rates).

Lack of data collection and/or data points on what is truly resonating with your customers.

Struggles in finding a “right sized” solution for your company’s needs.

Difficulty connecting with customers and showcasing products without face-to-face meetings.

Starting at $17,000, our Virtual Crop Tour solution will elevate your customer’s experience. Let’s connect.
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Data Driven


Designed to give you insights that traditional crop tours could never provide. Quantify and measure customer and prospect engagement with a fully customizable data visualization dashboard.

Easily Updated

Your marketing team, admin, sales reps and/or agronomists can have easy access to allow for simple updates throughout the growing season.

Easy-to-use content management system

MarTech Integration

Find out which customers and prospects are interested in your products and have the power to follow up with them at the right time with the right information.

Built for Repeat Use and Visitation

While traditional tours typically engage visitors once or twice through the year, a virtual tour allows you to invite visitors back again-and-again, learning more about their interests each time they engage.

Phone email
Scalable and Iterative

Scalable and Iterative

Quickly built and implemented, without significant ongoing 3rd party support and maintenance. Added features and improvements take less time to integrate.

Customer Engagement Tools

Actionable customer engagement tools such as Live Chat and Book a Meeting functions to improve conversion.

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Starting at $17,000, our Virtual Crop Tour solution will elevate your customer’s experience. Let’s connect.
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