Think Shift Tool Book

Tools for the Softer Side of Business

Through the experience of running 17 different businesses and working with hundreds of senior executives in various industries, Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy has accumulated a set of Tools – models of thought – to think about and analyze different business situations, especially the softer subject matters. What these Tools do is to make soft subject matter “hard” (more analytical), and therefore easier to understand and navigate. This is a large collection of Tools, some originating from Dr. Krishnamurthy’s experience, and some drawn from the literature. They are offered to executives as a way of becoming intentional leaders for use in their business and everyday situations.

Question the Obvious, Rationalize the outrageous and Ponder the consequences
- Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy

About The Author:
Balaji Krishnamurthy

Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy is a seasoned corporate executive who has run 17 companies and has distilled key learnings over the course of his 35-year career for focusing leaderships and fostering a productive workplace culture. He has been featured in Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, and now spends his time as Chairman of Think Shift, working with CEOs to help them achieve their full potential. More About Balaji