ADAMA Canada - ADAMA Canada SILENCER Campaign

ADAMA Canada SILENCER Campaign


ADAMA Canada refreshes the campaign for one of its key insecticides, SILENCER, annually. Our goal was to engage audiences viscerally through updated creative to catch the eye. Achieving this goal would mean increased product and insecticide portfolio awareness for ADAMA.

Silencer banner 1


Insects are gross but fascinating. We wanted the campaign to evoke a feeling of mild horror and interest, along with a desire to kill pests that were wreaking havoc on grower fields.

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As we began brainstorming, our initial ideas centered around depicting the most common pests in Canadian crops as pets to be tamed or locked up, however this came off too cute and made audiences feel sorry for the insects. That insight led us to the “Happy Hunting” concept, complete with close-up visuals of anatomically accurate insect heads. Imagine a trophy hunter’s den. 

To execute, we created six 3D renders of common Canadian pests mounted on plaques along with the insect's name. The renders were the central visual on the landing page, digital and social ads along with ADAMA’s insecticide colour (purple) in the background to tie it in with the overall insecticide portfolio. The end product was an eye-catching visual to increase product awareness and encourage engagement on social media or clicks to the landing page to learn more. 

Silencer banner 3


This campaign was optimized for reach and engagement, and we saw more than 4,000 engagements and almost 811,000 impressions. Our client initially said the bug head renders “grossed them out and gave them the creeps,” which is not always what we like to hear about our creative, but in this case, it was a compliment.


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