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Global Visual Expression


ADAMA required an evolved visual expression that would support their global strategic initiatives. Originally positioned as an off-patent crop protection provider, the goal was to produce a new expression that would allow ADAMA to communicate its true market position as both an innovative solutions provider and a global leader in crop protection. 

Think Shift’s goal was to create an evolved brand expression that reflected ADAMA’s new leadership position in the market and its goals for growth. Considering the numerous world markets that ADAMA operates in, this new expression needed to be both versatile and easy-to-implement for all ADAMA employees, regardless of their location, language or access to local agency resources.


With employees and offices in over 56 countries, ADAMA serves growers around the world. Representing a broad mix of cultures, languages and ethnicities, we needed to ensure that the brand expression we created connected with both internal and external audience members worldwide and reflected ADAMA’s desire to listen to growers and deliver solutions to fulfill their needs.

In addition to a new brand expression, we also needed to create a platform to act as a central repository that would provide ADAMA employees around the world with easy access to all brand resources in their local languages in order to connect with their customers.

ADAMA banner 1


We began our process with a global audit of all major competitors, including brand colors, style, photography, videography, font and overall tone. But, as we looked outwards, we also looked inwards. ADAMA’s brand position was about listening to the needs of customers in a very localized way. To ensure we were considering as many opinions as possible, we hosted listening webinars around the world to talk with farmers, partner agencies and ADAMA employees in all of ADAMA’s regions to hear their personal challenges with the current brand and their ideas on making it more impactful and functional for the future.  

Based on what we learned from customers, clients and partners, we developed a new brand expression consisting of guidelines, examples, assets and templates.

To host the expression update, we also developed an online brand expression platform to put these resources at the virtual fingertips of any country, agency or partner.

ADAMA banner v1


As of January 2021, over 24,000 downloads have been made from ADAMA’s brand expression platform, with hundreds of new assets across 56 different countries.  

To promote the launch of the updated brand, we released a video highlighting key features of the new expression, engaged with global brand champions in every region on our brand philosophy and best practices, released webinars and training materials with detailed information on how countries could adapt various elements to create their own distinct communications materials that still fit with the larger brand expression and aided in the facilitation of a brand session at ADAMA’s annual general assembly to ensure the companies leadership understood the impact of the brand update and how we intend to continue building the brand over the coming years.

ADAMA banner 4


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