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Speak With Pride


As the world's first national Indigenous television broadcaster, APTN amplifies the voice of Indigenous communities, sharing their stories in English, French and a wide variety of Indigenous languages. However, while 70+ Indigenous languages are spoken in Canada, the heartbreaking truth is that the greater part of them are in danger of being lost forever.

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Languages are more than a means of communication to share our thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas, our languages are part of our culture. They represent our history and traditions. When a language is lost, what we really lose is our story.

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We interviewed various Indigenous community members and residential school survivors to learn about their language experiences. We then retold their stories in a redacted format that significantly changed the narrative.

The campaign creative drives audiences to SpeakWithPride.ca to connect and discover the stories told by Indigenous community members. In doing so, the website also acts as a virtual safe space for language keepers to share their stories, for silent speakers to find their voice and for language seekers to learn. A place free of judgement, where Indigenous languages are not only reclaimed but celebrated and worn like badges of honour.


So far, the Speak With Pride campaign has achieved over 49.7 million impressions, 810,000 clicks and 8 million video views, but what is more impressive is the online engagement - thousands of shares, likes and comments from inspired individuals. Many people have come forward through this campaign to share their stories and download the language badges, for a total of 91 story submissions and 1,241 badge package downloads.


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