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Cargill Growing Series

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The Opportunity

We were tasked by Cargill to develop a campaign that would increase sales on crop inputs while also increasing grower interaction with their experts. They wanted to position themselves as thought leaders while shifting the perception that Cargill is not only a place to sell grain, but also a place to buy crop inputs.

The Approach

From a review of customer data, we recognized there was significant overlap between Cargill’s target audience and fantasy football fans, and thus the Cargill Growing Series concept was developed. The campaign revolved around seed selection, drawing many similarities from the fantasy football selection process. Cargill experts invited growers to “huddles” where they could discuss issues and provide advice, sharing highlights of the conversation through social media.

We created an interactive microsite, email marketing campaign, social media campaign, blogs, other thought leadership content and a digital marketing (SEM) campaign that ran through the 2016 growing season.

Cargill Growing Series

The Result

This gamified and memorable experience produced higher levels of engagement with Cargill’s staff of experts than with any previous marketing campaign. Since launch, the microsite received 14,157 sessions from 10,481 users resulting in 1,163 growers submitting their top “fantasy” seed picks. Fungicide sales have since doubled (139% growth), in-crop herbicide sales grew by 35% and fertilizer sales grew by 34% with 3,500 metric tonnes in incremental volume. A big success!

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