2015 marked a significant anniversary for the plant science industry – 20 years since planting the first biotech crop. While the industry has grown substantially over the years, biotech crops have always been controversial. With this project, CropLife International was not looking to weigh in on the controversy or provide stats about the benefits of biotech crops, but rather to simply celebrate 20 years of progress.

What started as a rather wild, outside-the-box and way overbudget idea became a reality, and Table for Twenty was born. The concept: a series of dinner events around the world, bringing together industry leaders, farmers, media and others to have intelligent conversations about biotech crops, our food supply and where things are headed. The aim was to capture those conversations and share them with the world through social media and other channels.

Table For Twenty

Our first event in Rome included the likes of Sir Gordon Conway and Julie Borlaug and was captured by our video team and shared through social media. Think Shift also created a “how-to” host your own Table for Twenty package that was distributed to CropLife International’s global network of 91 associations. From that, the first do-it-yourself event was held early 2016 in South Africa.

Think Shift also developed a highly innovative microsite with a scroll-action video sequence that glides over an actual dinner table, while sharing useful facts about biotech crops along the way. Although still underway, this campaign has been a great success, generating conversation and engagement from around the globe. To date, 25 separate Table for Twenty events have been held around the world!

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