Jaguar - The Art of Performance Tour

The Art of Performance Tour

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Driving Qualified Leads Through a “Never Done Before” Digital Experience.

With the launch of two new car models into the North American market in 2016, Jaguar needed to engage prospective buyers and key influencers with a hands-on vehicle experience. This “feel to believe” strategy led to the creation of the Jaguar Art of Performance Tour, a seven-city experiential event that touched L.A., San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, New York and Washington D.C.

The Challenge

While each event included on-site vehicles to interact with (including a track for test drives), Jaguar didn’t want to limit the experience by only engaging those in attendance during the time they were on-site. They were looking to create an experience that could reach beyond the event walls and take on a life of its own. Something memorable, engaging and easily shareable across all media channels to drive, capture and nurture qualified leads.

The Solution

#TheAudition is a fully immersive digital video experience that allows the audience to star in their own Jaguar commercial, complete with a high-speed car chase, explosions and movie-quality production. The concept was to film attendees at each event; stitch those clips into a pre-filmed car commercial template; then organize it all into a final digital file that could be sent out via email to each participant that same day and shared through social media.


Think Shift’s Role

We partnered with Jaguar, Facebook and other creative agencies to help make this vision a reality. Using our proprietary VideoBridge technology we created a custom system to film attendees in pre-staged scenes at the event; instantly upload those video clips to a server; automatically stitch those clips into place in the larger pre-filmed commercial; and generate an email that included a link to the final video.

7,400+ attendees
1,800+ videos posted to Facebook
3,400+ shares from microsite

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