Video Production

There is no denying that video is integral to any outward marketing strategy and central to communicating with your core audience. Our in-house video team continuously produces high-quality live-action videos as well as 2D and 3D animations that fit your brand and campaign goals. Below is a look at some of our most recent productions.

Dairy West & Unbottled

What if I zigged instead of zagged? What if I turned down that offer? What if I asked him/her to the dance? What if they said yes? - how might things look now? This is the butterfly effect. It asks us to imagine how one seemingly insignificant decision or change in our lives could have a profound effect on our entire future - and ultimately lead to a new reality.

Welcome to the BUTTERfly Effect, Unbottled’s take on how the decision to include dairy could help to enrich lives. We’re positioning that dairy makes a difference and in choosing dairy, you’re choosing healthier habits, choosing strength, choosing greatness. We’re also not shying away from the potential impact of not including dairy in your daily choices - the world likely isn’t going to end, but life certainly won’t be as exciting. We’re putting the choice in the hands of the consumer while asking them to really consider the possibilities of where that choice may lead.

Nutrien Ag Solutions

Nutrien Ag Solutions wanted a campaign in market to promote their line-up of premium seed to growers across North America. The campaign was set to launch at the same time as many of their direct competitors, so it was essential that something unique but strategic was developed to break through the noise in the marketplace.

In comes the Full Seed Ahead campaign. It leveraged a successful partnership with NASCAR to put something in market that was unique, spoke to the size and capabilities of Nutrien Ag Solutions and tied their premium line-up of seed to the internationally recognized, premium brand that is NASCAR.


As the world's first national Indigenous television broadcaster, APTN amplifies the voice of Indigenous communities, sharing their stories in English, French and a wide variety of Indigenous languages. However, while 70+ Indigenous languages are spoken in Canada, the heartbreaking truth is that the greater part of them are in danger of being lost forever.

We interviewed various Indigenous community members and residential school survivors to learn about their language experiences. We then retold their stories in a redacted format that significantly changed the narrative.

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