A Two-Minute Guide to Sales Enablement

Think Shift

S Sales enablement is about giving the sales team the information, content and tools they need to close more deals. Want to talk to leads? Let high-quality content do the talking. It sounds hard, but it isn’t.

To put it simply: make a lot of high-quality content that maps the buyer’s journey.

Make sure resources are easy to find and use, measurable and informed by data. The data collected about your customers and sales should feed your marketing. Good content comes from your buyers. Sales should only talk about what your leads want to know.

Effective sales enablement is customer-centric and provides salespeople with the tools and information they need to deliver what buyers want. Discussions between sales and marketing should be happening monthly - if not more frequently. Not once a year. Not when marketing does a seasonal content roll-out. But:

All. The. Time.

Sales management must enforce the use of best practices, content and tools in the pipeline.

Marketing needs to observe how sales uses content. Sales enablement is owned by sales AND marketing. It’s collaborative. Marketing creates resources, and sales puts them to use out in the world. There should be no separation between sales and marketing when it comes to sales enablement. This approach has a positive impact on revenue, so your whole organization has a stake in the success of sales enablement. Companies that understand sales are holistic understand sales enablement.

About the Writer:

Matt Collins – Digital Marketing Manager

Matt brings ten years of hands-on experience directing demand generation, consulting and sales operations in Toronto’s marketing technology industry to Think Shift. He has a deep knowledge of Salesforce, Hubspot, Act-On, Eloqua, Marketo and more.


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