It's Time Agri-Marketers Start Thinking Like CEOs

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5 things you can tackle today if you want to pave a path to the C-Suite.

Did you know 1 in 4 CEOs have a background in sales or marketing?1 Marketers are in a unique position to have a significant impact on many key areas of the organization. In the interest of driving true organizational change, agri-marketers should place their focus on the following five areas:

1. DEMONSTRATE INTENTIONAL LEADERSHIP Craft your Leadership Agenda and become an authentic leader by sharing it with others.

2. DRIVE THE ORGANIZATIONAL NARRATIVE Take charge and lead a process to define/redefine your organization’s purpose, vision, mission and values. Bring them up to date and be the one to share them internally.

3. HELP FOSTER AN INTENTIONAL CULTURE With the consolidation taking place in the agriculture industry, companies are starting to realize how important a strong and unified culture is to the bottom line. Take steps to define your culture and build out an internal communications plan to make it authentic.

40% more qualified candidates

And highly engaged workplaces produce a:


4. BUILD AN AUTHENTIC BRAND Your external brand should accurately reflect your internal culture. It is a matter of authenticity; an imperative in today’s increasingly transparent and uber-connected world.

5. RE-EVALUATE YOUR GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY Changes in technology have enabled marketers to shift from traditional to digital media platforms, providing a better use of budget, better measurement of results and an overall better return on investment.

"Culture is the insiders view of your company; brand is the outsiders view. The key is in getting these two groups aligned around the same story." - David Baker, CEO at Think Shift

At Think Shift we help intentional leaders drive change from the inside out. To learn more, check out our new eBook: How CEOs Drive Lasting Change

1 Source: American Marketing Association


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