Our Top Posts of 2020

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I In case you missed them, we’ve created a list of our five most-liked and read articles of 2020. Read on to find the topics and tools agrimarketers, like you, engaged with the most over the past year. We hope you find them just as useful for your organization as you prepare and strategize for 2021.

5. Plight of the Industry Association:

With producers demanding more value and transparency into their mandated check-off organizations, there is unprecedented pressure on these groups to demonstrate value to their members. This blog discusses the challenges that associations face and why a plan to mitigate these challenges will be well served to advance their industry.

4. The Evolution of E-Commerce in Agriculture:

In business, as in life, there are very few truly revolutionary events that forever change what was or what will be. With its history of disrupting nearly every industry it has penetrated, e-commerce continues to be one of these lasting forces. This blog covers why it’s important for agrimarketers to understand the changes that e-commerce has and will continue to bring to the agriculture industry.

3. The Evolution of Digital Business:

After 20+ years of conducting business in the digital era, we are starting to reach an age of maturity when it comes to our digital ecosystems. Gone are the days where simply existing on social media or having a website was sufficient. This blog explores how understanding the evolution of digital business helps us be more intentional about how we build and manage digital ecosystems.

2. Digital Advertising Benchmarks All Agrimarketers Should Know:

Whether you are a PPC (pay-per-click) novice or a seasoned digital marketing veteran, it can be difficult to determine how well your digital advertisements are performing. This blog takes a deep dive into benchmark performance metrics for the agriculture industry.

1. The Evolution of Agrimarketing:

At Think Shift, we believe ag’s current state creates an opportunity to lean into change; to differentiate and shape the curve, rather than merely keep up. This piece speaks to the rapid change our industry faces and the key trends that will shape the future of agrimarketing.

Happy New Year from all of us at Think Shift.


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