What are Brand Archetypes?

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Archetypes are universal character patterns. We’ve seen them repeated time and again in the myths and legends of old, as well as the stories that captivate us today — think Merlin (The Sage) and King Arthur (The Hero) recast today as Yoda and Luke Skywalker, or Morpheus and Neo.

By selecting an archetype to represent your brand, you infuse it with real, human characteristics your audience can relate to, helping you establish a deeper and more lasting connection.

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The Ruler sits atop the social order and exerts her control to create safety, stability, prosperity and success for her subjects.

The Caregiver is moved by compassion, a generosity of spirit and a deep, selfless desire to help others, working tirelessly to create strong, stable communities with little thought of reciprocity.

The Creator is a free spirit who defines herself by her ability to create and takes a completely unhibited approach to the creative process.

The innocent prefers to live in the moment; he is pure, good, possesses strong values and yearns for a “paradise” free from the corruption of modern-day life.

The Sage is a truth-seeker who believes that knowledge is the highest virtue. She acts as a trusted advisor or mentor, and is comfortable with emotional detachment because it allows her to remain objective.

The Explorer seeks authenticity and is on a journey towards self-discovery, marching to the beat of his own drum and pushing boundaries along the way.

The Hero is dedicated to becoming the best version of himself and strives to achieve a better tomorrow for himself and others, no matter what challenges stand in his way.

The Magician is gifted with the ability to see a different reality and make it happen, relying on logic and intuition to create transformations that seem magical.

The Outlaw is a disruptor who is unafraid to wreck what doesn’t work, and rails against restrictive, unfair realities to create needed change from the inside.

The Regular has deep faith in the inherent goodness of humanity and seeks fulfillment by creating true connections with others — becoming part of the group.

The Jester is socially adept and looks at life with a unique, out-of-the-box perspective, inspiring people to think differently and bringing lightness and laughter to the world.

The Lover desires intimate connection with others, and creates deep, trusting relationships by making people feel loved and cared for.

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