David Baker

Founder, Director

David Baker is the Founder and Director of Think Shift and is devoted to developing brands, leadership and corporate culture. He is passionate about helping organizations both inside and out – building intentional leaders, engaged employees and connected customers.

Over the past two decades, David has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations find and realize their potential. An enthusiastic speaker, engaging storyteller and experienced communications strategist, David has spoken in both intimate workshop and large conference environments. His innovative views on aligning brand and culture have earned him invitations to speak with various leaders and organizations across the United States and Canada.

Q. How do you build a great brand?
A. From the inside out!  Using the definition of “brand” as the sum total of what people think and feel about us (be that a product, company or even us personally), the real opportunity is in intentionality – first in understanding and then in managing how people feel about us. Once we understand the ways we are shaping, influencing and creating feelings, and if we commit to managing those feelings, we secure the ability to create a great brand.