David Lazarenko

Partner & Chief Growth Officer

In his 20 years in the agri-marketing industry, David has led successful brand and product launches, re-branding and brand alignment initiatives, sales campaigns and corporate responsibility campaigns for some of agriculture’s largest and most successful corporations – including Monsanto, Westeel, the Canola Council of Canada, CANTERRA SEEDS and Cargill. He’s been involved with marketing and communications initiatives for grower groups, industry associations, line companies, independent agri-retail, chem and crop protection companies as well as seed, equipment and ag consulting companies.

President of CAMA Manitoba for six years and active board member of CAMA national, David oversaw two highly successful Best of CAMA events. He remains actively involved in many charitable, educational and professional organizations.

Q. Do you have a method for coming up with ideas and solutions for clients?
A. While there is no perfect recipe for ideation, it’s difficult to produce effective solutions without a couple of key ingredients: Context. How can you effectively sell someone’s product or service if you don’t understand what it is, where it comes from, why it exists and who wants it? Depth of knowledge and a keen understanding of the client’s business, industry and customer are critical to informed solutions. Collaboration. It sounds like something a mother would say, but there is greater power and potential in harnessing the minds of a team than capturing the musings of an individual. Because no one person can have all the ideas.