Looking for Lemonade: From Relationship Building to Data Mining

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In this content series, we aim to help marketers and agrimarketers alike find opportunity in these trying times, without looking overly opportunistic (no hoarding of hand sanitizer here). As such, we’ll look at some of the common challenges (the Lemons) we are all collectively facing and highlight potential solutions/opportunities (the Lemonade).

The Lemon: Belly-to-Belly Customer Meetings Are Now a Health Risk

The Lemonade: Track Your Customers Digital Footprint Instead to Limit Business Risk

Like many other industries, agriculture has long been relationship-driven, with in-person, “belly-to-belly” contact playing a significant role in the sales process. Due to the self-isolation measures enacted to prevent the spread of COVID-19, these relationship-building opportunities have been all but eliminated. As such, outside of text, email and phone calls, you may stand to lose one of, if not the most significant communications channel with customers and prospects alike, and with it, all the information you would have gleaned through the resulting conversations.  

Thankfully, statistics are already showing that during this time of self-isolation, consumers (including farmers) are increasing the amount of time they’re spending online. As they research and review products, services and best practices, these consumers are leaving behind more robust digital footprints than ever before — ones that reveal valuable data, such as key pain points and current or upcoming purchase intentions.

This presents marketers and agrimarketers alike with a unique opportunity: to replace the information you can’t get through live customer contact with the information these same customers are leaving throughout your digital ecosystem.

Even if you’ve not yet invested in the integration of trusted customer tracking platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot, there are less sophisticated tactics and solutions you can deploy quickly and easily to help match customer names to the IP addresses being captured and tracked on your website(s). So, regardless of how you do it, now is the time to capture and analyze the digital footprints of your customers and prospects, not only as a temporary information replacement but as a best practice you can carry on going forward.

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