Looking for Lemonade: Making Idle Time Productive

Think Shift

IIn this content series, we aim to help marketers and agrimarketers alike find opportunity in these trying times, without looking overly opportunistic (no hoarding of hand sanitizer here). As such, we’ll look at some of the common challenges (the Lemons) we are all collectively facing and highlight potential solutions/opportunities (the Lemonade).

The Lemon: An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground

The Lemonade: Use Idle Time to Level Up Your Knowledge and Business

As we continue to settle into our new working realities, it’s difficult to say anything with certainty. That said, even basic trend analysis would dictate that self-isolation + a potentially reduced workload (due to business downturns) can lead to less-than-productive idle time. But instead of simply writing off or compensating for lost hours, you can help your teams put their idle time to better use by preparing and deploying Level Up initiatives.

At Think Shift, we are in the midst of launching two such initiatives:

  • Leveling Up Our Knowledge – Together with Salesforce and HubSpot, we are developing a new, company-wide sales and marketing training curriculum by leveraging their robust online training tools/platforms and industry leading sales and marketing content. By providing this “ready when you are” curriculum to our team, we can encourage them to use those idle moments throughout the day to grow their knowledge by watching a teaching video or completing a training module.
  • Leveling Up Our Clients Businesses – As we all have items on our “business back-burners” that simply aren’t pressing or urgent enough to trump day-to-day work, we are using our potential idle time to address these less-talked-about challenges and opportunities for our clients. All they have to do is provide a brief on the back-burner item in question, and we’ll tackle it like any other project we’d complete for them. Note, marketers/agrimarketers: if you don’t have clients to get back-burner items from, I’d suggest you look at your own back-burner challenges and opportunities and address them in the same manner.

While these are only two examples of things you can do to fill your team’s potential idle time, the most important takeaway is to be prepared for it. By intentionally having a productive alternative at the ready, you and your team will be less likely to fill idle moments by sneaking in another episode of your new favorite show.

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