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Branding from the Inside Out (BFIO) helps leaders become intentional about defining their organization’s brand, so brand managers can make rational, conscious decisions about how they should and shouldn’t represent their brand. While much of the process is customized to reflect the current state of your brand, the goal is always to create a platform that helps brand stewards tell a better story.

A significant element in meaningful storytelling is the assigning of brand archetypes to help better connect with your audience on an emotional level. Our archetype workshops are highly energetic and interactive, challenging participants to search deep within the heart of the organization. By comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each archetype to those of your company, and assessing each archetype in the context of your brand promise and organizational culture, we will uncover and develop a rich and meaningful narrative and brand personality.

Brand Differentiation

While most marketers understand the critical importance of brand differentiation, in reality, very few brands stand out from the competition. In collaboration with international brand expert Marty Neumeier, our custom process helps organizations uncover and define what is truly unique about their brand, whether it is corporate or product/service based.

The Onlyness Process targets the “sweet spot” of brand differentiation — the overlap between what makes a brand authentic, what makes it relevant and what makes it unique. Through a series of internally and externally focused exercises, we will build a framework that challenges the current state and defines how you can differentiate going forward.

This process can include a set of brand-differentiating tagline options developed by Marty Neumeier himself.

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